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Eurasian Water Milfoil

Eurasian Watermilfoil

  • Usually 12 to 21 leaflet pairs
  • Leaves are usually limp when out of the water
  • Delicate feather-like leaves with squared-off shape
  • Leaflets mostly the same length
  • Leaves arranged in whorls (circles) of 3 to 5 around stem
  • Long, spaghetti-like stems, sometimes pinkish
  • Stems often branch near the surface
Northern Water Milfoil

Northern Watermilfoil

  • Usually 7 to 10 leaflet pairs
  • Leaves usually stiff when out of the water
  • Rigid feather-like leaves with Christmas tree shape
  • Lower leaflets usually quite long
  • Leaves arranged in whorls (circles) of 4 to 6 around stem
  • Stems usually whitish or whitish green
  • Stems don’t typically branch near the surface