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Watercraft Check Points



Axle Intake
Bunks Prop
Frame Lower Unit
License Plate    

Boat Accessories

Rollers Anchor
Spare Tire Bow Line
Wheels Ladder
Winch Rope Tow Rope
    Trolling Motor


Other Accessories

Floor Bait Bucket
Hull Fishing Line
Live Well Landing Net
Transom Well Tackle

Duck Lake Nuisance Aquatic Committee

Along with everyone’s right to use the lakes in Michigan, comes the responsibility to prevent the spread of invasive species. Unfortunately Duck Lake already has Eurasian Water-Milfoil. We have placed yellow buoys around the infected areas and ask that you stay clear of these locations. Casting into, running a motor/jet ski through or throwing an anchor into these areas will break up the milfoil allowing it to drift and regenerate in other parts of the lake.

Please, before entering or leaving any water body: Inspect " remove any visible mud or plants. Drain water from your boat, motor, trailer, live well and bait containers. Dispose of any unwanted live bait in the trash. Wash your boat and trailer at a car wash to remove invisible species or allow it to dry for 5 or more days.

Use the checklist on this page to insure you clean all the critical places where plants or critters might be hitching a ride. Thank you. With your help we can protect our lakes for the future.

For questions or comments about our lake or invasive species contact
Jane Cascarano, Duck Lake Nuisance Aquatic Committee, at 906-544-2310 or email her at jic4449@aol.com